I need to keep updating this blog!

I have so much to tell you since this last summer! I finally have the password back for this blog, so I’m going to use it! Expect an update from me tomorrow!

I’m working as a “puppy wrangler” on Edwin Drood

This pomeranian I’m watching is SO FREAKING CUTE 

Had my first professional interview today for a summer job!

I think it went well. Fingers crossed!

Feeling Truly Awesome!

Thinking back to one of my first rehearsals for “1940s Radio Hour”, I had brought my stage manager’s kit in. As I was getting my things organized for rehearsal, one of the little boys from the “Treasure Island” rehearsal came up to me.
He asked me what I had in the tool box and why I had it. I explained that as a stage manager, I like to keep a first-aid kit, some minor tools, and some office supplies on me in case anyone needs something. He pressed the question, not understanding fully what I was talking about. 
So I opened up my kit. I pulled out different things, explaining what they were and why I had them. 
After seeing everything (and touching every object out of curiosity, the little boy stepped back, looked at me in wonder and exclaimed, “You are like the safety car!”
I smiled and thanked him, but he wasn’t done.
"You are AWESOME!" This time, he hugged me and ran to his mom to tell her all about my cool SM Kit and how awesome it was that I had all that stuff in there and how I like to take care of people. 
Kids are handfuls sometimes, but they can make you step back and smile. His wonder made me feel pretty awesome about what I’m doing right now, and what I want to do with my life.

Rehearsal #2 today.

LETS DO THIS! Oh… Wait.. I still have 30 minutes before everyone arrives and I’m already set up and ready to go. 
On the upside, my director for the 3rd show I’m working on (where I am both the prop manager and the stage manager) is getting our props today for 1940s! I’m excited! I created a HUGE list of things that I know the Playhouse owns, so she just has to go pick them up. It’s a wonderful thing having two theatres that are so willing to allow the other to borrow things! 

Stage managers are responsible and adaptable communicators who have the ability to handle and coordinate diverse groups of artistic personalities with tactful discipline and a sense of humor. They establish a creative environment by combining the ability to prioritize and anticipate and solve problems, with calm sensitivity and grace under pressure.

Their ability to do the above stems from organizational ability, acquired technical knowledge (sound, music, lights, design and construction, typing, use of computers, and so on), familiarity with union requirements, and an inspirational personality that creates positive energy.

Thomas A. Kelly, The Back Stage Guide to Stage Management (via design-production)

(via thankyoufive)

How does an actor who has his script RIGHT THERE IN HIS HANDS get so far off of the lines he’s supposed to say!?

Look out for favoritism in theatres all over

Unfortunately, people all over the place play favorites. Try not to take it to heart when someone is given a job instead of you, even though you might be more qualified than they. 

In the end, you don’t want that job anyway if that is how they act.

I overbooked myself this semester.

While I love being mega busy, it’s exhausting when you realize suddenly that two of your shows open on the same day! Thankfully at different times, however! 
I’m overseeing my musical theatre group again, (however, my ASMs are running the rehearsals and shows this semester because this might be my last one and I want them to be able to run rehearsals without me. That and one of my “main stage shows” is conflicting with the rehearsals). 
I’m also stage managing 1940s Radio Hour at a local theatre (and training a new stage manager for the position when I leave!)
I’m the stage manager for a “New Play” that has three performances.
I’m the prop master for Edwin Drood, one of the main stage shows at my university.
I’m also teaching a theatre class at a local middle school for the 4th semester in a row. I’m getting paid this time! I’m so excited!

If you don’t hear from me, I’m dead, or out of coffee, or both!

Performance #1 went very well!

I’m so glad I was given this opportunity to stage manage a new play reading!